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Most Frequently Asked:

Do Your Guarantee Your Work?

What Type of Service Should I Get?

What Type of Service Should I Get?

All conjure work by it's very nature, is unpredictable. It's manipulation of energies, both tangible and intangible.

It also often involves the spirit realm - and believe me, we have NO control over those that dwell in that realm. 

NO Legit spell caster, worker or conjure-professional will 100% guarantee the outcome of their work.


Miss Sha' can guarantee the amount of energy, time and effort that she will put into your request. 

If Miss Sha' truly feels that she cannot help you, she will turn down your request and no amount of money offered will change her mind. 


With all this being said, the vast majority of her customers are quite pleased with the results of their work.  

What Type of Service Should I Get?

What Type of Service Should I Get?

What Type of Service Should I Get?

Best advice: If you don't know what you want or what you seek, then wait. You MUST have a general idea of what you are hoping to gain. Do NOT simply throw money out looking for answers. 

Never purchase spell work unless you can actually afford it. Spending your last few dollars for groceries on money-drawing work will NEVER manifest as you want it to. Use discretion! 

With that being said, don't ask for the world then haggle over the price! You want a potential lover that will spend lavish amounts of cash on you, but are only willing to pay for cab fare around the block (want to cut a deal and haggle) - chances are good, you will not see the results you are hoping for.

Do not ask for a discount from your conjure worker!  Do not haggle over price!

It's insulting, it's classless and it makes you look cheap AF! 

You know what you can afford, and we hope you are responsible enough to not work to save and then spend your rent money on magick work. 

When Will I See Results?

What Type of Service Should I Get?

I Have Been Scammed Before

Spell casting is not an exact science. There is no magick formula for us to give you a date with. For Miss Sha's work, give it up to 90 days. If a working is going to manifest, you will likely see confirmation within 90 days.  

"THREE months??!!"

Yes, three months. This is not unreasonable.  That doesn't mean that it won't happen sooner, but give it 90 days before doing any additional work on the matter. Give Spirit time to work on your behalf. To add more to the target, this is like telling Spirit that you don't think they are working fast enough. 

In our experience, those that are seeking instant gratification, in any aspect of their life, are sure to be sorely disappointed the majority of the time. 

By demanding quick results, we create limitations with our own mind by accepting nothing less. 

The longer you fixate on 'seeing' results, the longer Spirit is going to make you wait to see anything. 

I Have Been Scammed Before

I Have Been Scammed Before

I Have Been Scammed Before

This statement always makes me leery to do work for someone. 

Each professional is different - no two scenarios are exactly the same.

Things change, energies change, level of commitment changes. 

If you continually do work on someone and nothing changes, this may have nothing to do with the worker, but has everything to do with UNREALISTIC expectations. These folks tend to hop from professional to professional with the same request - but yet, they are the ones being scammed. 

What if your very own spirits do not feel that this person you are trying make love you, is not right for you? What if that couple is actually supposed to be together? What if that job wasn't yours to have in the first place?  No amount of magick will change some things, such as these examples. 

Occasionally, a person is blocked with an enormous amount of negative energy, or a crossed condition or a curse. 

Sometimes it's the other person you are trying to control that is under a crossed condition - 

or is already being manipulated by another spell caster. 

This doesn't make additional work impossible - but it does have an effect and can draw out the process. 

This is why it is imperative that you be HONEST with your worker. 

Do NOT lie or withhold information! 

On the flip side, Do not EVER let anyone threaten you or strong arm you into paying them. Those workers that feel the need to threaten or extort others - they possess no real ability.  

How Long Will It Last

I Have Been Scammed Before

How Long Will It Last

This all depends upon the type of work. 

Most of the work that Miss She' does is designed for a specific outcome, and once that outcome is reached, time does not stop. 

Whatever actions you take after the spell is in place will have an effect on the work. 

An example: you do work to get someone to call you, maybe pay more attention to you, maybe even start a romantic relationship with you. The conjure is successful - the person calls you - starts spending more time with you, and eventually, you become a couple. 

But, you soon begin to treat this person badly.  Nagging, complaining, going out with friends and leaving them home alone. Basic neglect. These actions are going to cause that person to distance themselves from you. 

This has NO bearing on whether or not the work was successful or effective. The work did not "wear off"- which is something I have heard about other workers in the past. 

Let's be honest here - you failed to do your part to maintain the relationship. 

Just because it is metaphysical, does not mean that you can do whatever you please in reality. 

Please remember that with simple actions, you can completely destroy all the work that was just put into place.