Inexplicable Things

About Us


Miss Sha'

Miss Sha’ – Bayou Queen & Cajun Swamp Witch extraordinaire, brings her own brand of genuine bayou style Swamp Magick, with pieces of Rootwork and Southern Conjure at its heart. She also incorporates her own deep ancestral roots of Norse Seidr magicks, as well as those folk magic practices from Scotland, the British Isles, and other Northern European traditions. 

Miss Sha' has a very unique and close working relationship with Death and all manners of deities associated with aspect. Necromancy and working with land spirits is a huge part of her practice. 

She also specializes in herbs, healing arts and fertility. 

Miss Sha' has been been on her unique path for over 40 years. Her love of conjure and magick started before she could even walk. Surrounded by magick and conjure as a child, true to her roots is how she was raised. When asked to describe herself, Miss Sha’ will often say:

Country Girl * Swamp Witch * Army Veteran * Bayou Queen * Bowhunter * Pirate * Mountain Girl * Diva of Death


Mr. Kelly

Mr. Kelly brings the spiritual expertise, divination and work in the spirit realm that can only come from a Warrior Shaman path. His journey began around the age of six. Filled with twists and turns, the journey was not always a smooth one.  

Now, after nearly four decades of traveling his path, he devotes over 12 hours a day, to assisting others. As a tribal Gothi and warrior shaman, of both social and local communities, he offers spiritual guidance, meditative teachings and instruction on how to manifest one's desires. He truly enjoys helping individuals on their particular paths. 

Be warned, Mr. Kelly offers tough love. You may not always like what he is telling you - but if you truly listen to what he is saying, you will see how much he is truly trying to help. 

Sometimes, we all need someone to help us navigate the choppy seas. 

Mr. Kelly also mentors students as a part of Swamp University.

Inexplicable Things Apothecary

So where do you turn when you:

  •  need advice on the next step in achieving a goal or improving a situation? 
  • are having trouble letting go of something from the past that is holding you back
  • are torn between an existing job or finding a new adventure

Année passées (years go by), and maybe you have questions about how to boost the hanky panky in the bedroom!  Sometimes, a fresh or different perspective is all we need. And occasionally, you need someone to just lay it all out for you - with the cold, hard truth, cher!  


Whatever the case may be, there is nothing wrong with seeking guidance. 

Inexplicable Things Apothecary is a collection of all the things that you may need while you are on your metaphysical or spiritual journey. Miss Sha’ and Mr. Kelly understand that even a simple piece of advice can sometimes make the biggest difference.


Founded  in 2008, Inexplicable Things is a culmination of almost 80 combined years of ancestral practice, animism and deep spirituality.

If you want real talk, truth and occasionally tough love, then Miss Sha and Mr. Kelly are the folks to turn to. They won't tell you just what you want to hear, they will tell you want you NEED to hear and what spirit has to say. 

Come Sit a Spell . . .

In an obscure Louisiana bayou, 

there sits a quiet little cottage. 

It's filled to the brim with candles and potions, 

old books and faded bones,   

cat whiskers and old oak leaves. 

Look closely - amidst the Witch’s hair, you will find Inexplicable Things.

Today, from our little corner of some obscure bayou, we offer hand crafted items: 

Candles, blow powders, and magickal conjure oils. 

We create herbal teas and remedies, gris gris, even magickal starter kits!    

We work with bones, feathers, curios.

We lay tricks, make mead, open roads and perform spiritual cleanses.

We consult, guide and above all, we care.

We offer a wide variety of services and supplies.

We spend a lot of time out in the bayou, child. 

We believe that the idea of One Tribe is possible.

We believe that to become One Tribe, we cannot exclude, ridicule or condemn one philosophy, culture, religion, path, over another.

We believe that One Tribe is achieved through diversity and individuality, 

but standing together, united.

One Tribe is about family, community . . . 

celebrating all cultures, all paths and all walks of life. 

Accepting your neighbor, for who they are!

So, welcome, to our family and our Tribe.  

The door to Inexplicable Things is always open, 

the sweet tea is always fresh 

and everyone seems to come away with lagniappe (a little somethin' extra) - 

So, c'mon, allons (let's go)!