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  • Yerba Mate Herbal Tea


    Organic Yerba Mate Tea

    This particular tea is wonderful for helping to energize you – both mentally and physically.

    Yerba Mate is packed with dozens of minerals and vitamins, as well as caffeine! This makes is perfect for mood enhancing and boosting, weight loss, even some disease prevention.

    Mr. Kelly and Miss Sha’ often use this tea as a mid-morning boost of energy!

    The herbal ingredients in this tea are 100% natural, organic, free-trade and cruelty-free.

    ·         Yerba Mate

    Our tea blends come in a small square tin. This tin will provide about 15, or so, servings.  You can easily make a brewed tea (cold or hot), or you can create a tincture.

    Directions for brewed tea:

    • ·         Start with cold, fresh water

    • ·         Heat water to just near boiling

    • ·         Put 1-2 teaspoon (about 5g) of tea in your favorite tea accessory (muslin bag, tea straw, spoon) per 8oz of water.  

    • ·         Steep for 5 minutes. For a stronger brew, add more tea, not more time.

     Directions for herbal tincture:

    Items needed for making an herbal tincture include: * A high proof alcohol (at least 80 proof – Everclear works best, but vodka or brandy will work, too), * 1 pint (16oz) jar with a tight-fitting lid, * a fine strainer, * a dark bottle with dropper applicator.  

    • Put entire tin of herbs in the pint jar

    • Fill jar to within 1” of the top, with your chosen alcohol

    • Label your jar with the date and store in a cool, dark place  

    • Shake your jar every day for the first week, then let it rest.

    • Allow it to sit for another 5 weeks – for a total of 6 weeks of steep time.

    • Strain off the alcohol into the dark bottle.

    • Repeat this process 5 times

    • Store the tincture in the dark bottle.

    • Use 3-10 drops daily, or as needed.  You can use this tincture under your tongue, on your tongue, added to food or drink.

    • For those wanting to avoid alcohol, replace the alcohol with a high-quality organic apple cider vinegar

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