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  • Withering Heart Swamp Conjure

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    Withering Heart Swamp Conjure

    So, let’s say you have a man, or woman, that is being seduced by another. And you really need this other person to release them. What do you do?
    Let the Swamp Witch perform a Withering Heart conjure!

    In the Swamp, things are taken pretty literally. And this conjure is no different. You want them to release your man or woman – you gotta wither their heart. It has to be their idea to send the one you love packing. If not, there is always the possibility that they will return.

    Depending upon how many days you wish for Miss Sha' to work this spell, altar and candle work will be performed. Offerings are made and petitions are written on your behalf. Finally, a heart is worked and baptized as the target. Photos & petitions are sewn into the heart, along with a few key items, to ensure this conjure works correctly. 

    Finally, on the last day, Miss Sha’ works with the heart and takes it to a special spot in her cemetery. It’s nailed to a consecrated post for such workings. A little more swamp magick and words are chanted and then that baby is set on fire! As the heart burns – it chars, blackens and withers – just like the heart of the target will towards the one you love. As the conjure works, it will eventually force discord and distrust between them, eventually – the target will grow tired of the person and release them! Problem solved!