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  • Witch Balls

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    Witch Balls - Set of 3

    Witch Balls (Sweet Gum Pods) are used for many different things in conjure work. Many use them as forms of protection - their spikes can be seen to repel evil and are a talisman, of sorts. They also are used for warding off negativity and are often used in spirit bags, mojos, or altar pieces.   

    Another excellent use of these pods are in baneful magick. This happens to be my favorite use. They are often employed to Hotfoot a nasty neighbor into moving away. The beauty of these is that they can be tossed into the yard, or up on the roof, and they look natural - no one is the wiser. 

    This is a set of three - that have been fixed with crossing powders, hotfoot and then dipped in wax. They are ready to employ!