Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Van Van Oil


    Classic Louisiana Van Van Oil

    One cannot live in Louisiana too long without knowing the benefits of using classic Van Van Oil. The history of this oil is as intriguing as the city it comes from, New Orleans. The West Bank district of Algiers, directly across the mighty Mississippi from the French Quarter, was the birthplace of this fascinating oil. Stories of the oil claim that in the late 19th century, you couldn’t walk down the streets in Algiers without smelling the fragrance of Van Van.

    Van Van gets its name from the herb known as Vervain. In French Creole, it is pronounced similar to Vur-Vahn, which was later Americanized and somewhat shorted to Van Van. And this oil, when made properly, is as unique as its name! It should be clean, crisp and broad-reaching. Most classic recipes include Vervain, Palmarosa, a variety of Oriental grasses, as well as several other important botanicals. Our recipe, was obtained from an old gentleman that lived on the West Bank for decades. 

    This go-to oil is nothing, if not flexible! It’s been used for:

    ·         Protection

    ·         Opening Roads

    ·         Luck drawing in money, business, love

    ·         Gambling

    ·         Ritual

    ·         Purification

    ·         Banishing/Clearing

    ·         Changing bad luck into good


    Oil comes in a convenient 1/2oz glass bottle.