Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Candle - Coochie


    Female Coochie Spell Candles -

    They go by many names:

    Vagina, Vulva, Coochie, Pussy, Twat, Clam (I start hearing the song Camel Toe in my brain here) - I could go on and on - but one this is for sure - EVERYONE knows!

    These are the perfect addition to any spell work where you need to control a woman - especially through her sexuality or sexual performance. Sneaky bitches have always done work for keeping their man, or ruining his future sex-capades if he became a cheater. 

    So why shouldn't their be a way for a man to be a sneaky bitch, too? Got a woman in your life that just isn't putting out? What about a cheating wife? Ex-wife that you just really wanna mess up in the bedroom? 

    Or ladies - your ex with another woman and you want to set her pussy on fire?!  Old school conjure work, right there! 

    Certain colors are great for passionate workings, reconciling a bad relationship, even healing.

    Candles are roughly 6" tall. 

    For ideas on how to use such candles - feel free to contact us for spells and conjure work. 

    These candles come in a variety of colors (your choice) - although red is the most popular. 

    Miss Sha' will also load and fix the candle - with herbs appropriate to help you achieve your desired outcome. 

    Inexplicable Things offers Sexuality Candles, in both male and female options. 

    For Male Penis candles, click HERE

    • Black: (for cheaters that you do NOT want back in your life), Break-ups, Causing Confusion, Jinxing
    • Red: Sex, Lust, Vitality, Seduction/Attraction, Passionate Retribution (for cheaters that you eventually want back)
    • White: Healing, Spiritual Cleansing
    • Pink: Self love, Sweet love, early days of a Relationship, Solidifying Feelings, Romance
    • Green: New Beginnings, Fertility, Growth
    • Purple: Personal Power, Dominance Over Others, Control Over Others
    • Blue: Relationship Reconciliation, Peaceful Home, Summoning
    (In-Use Photo: courtesy K.R., 2017)