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  • Unobstructed Love Oil (Love Road Opener)


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    Unobstructed Love Oil (Love Road Opener)

    Love oils are great for love drawing, working out issues or just catching the eye of someone. Road Opener oils are amazing for removing obstacles that are holding you back or unlocking doors when you seem to be stagnant. 

    Inexplicable Things was asked to make this oil about a year ago and it is finally complete, tested and approved!

    Unobstructed Love Oil is a Love Road Opener - it combines the aspects of love oil, with the obstacle removing power of their Road Opener Oil. 

    Sometimes, we need a little help with our love life. Things are going okay, but not spectacular. There is little to no forward momentum in your relationship. Feel like you, as a couple, are facing a huge mountain that you must climb in order to take the next step.  This is your oil!

    As with all of Inexplicable Things' oil, feel free to use them as you see fit. There truly is no single 'right' way to use an oil. We do suggest a small skin test for sensitivity if you intend to use this on your skin. We also recommend using this oil on a photo of the two targets, sprinkled with some love powder and placed under a pink or blue candle. 

    Oil comes in a convenient 1/2oz glass bottle.