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  • Uncrossing Mojo Bag

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    Uncrossing Handmade Leather Mojo Bag - 

    Miss Sha' has been making these little Uncrossing mojo bags for several years. They contain a variety of uncrossing components - to help you get back on the right tract - but they go a step further - Miss Sha' also incorporates several curios for spiritual protection to keep you moving on the right track! 

    These little bags contain a mini-gris gris inside with at least 7 protective herbs. There are also multiple curios and roots that are designed to both assist with throwing off the chains of a hex or crossing, but also provide added protection. The bag itself is hand made from genuine leather - blue for the protective and repelling properties. (Handmade by Miss Sha's daddy - professional leathersmith!)  

    The great little bag will also come with several strings of ribbon - and a knot spell - to help you focus your intent. You will simple need to perform the spell, and add your own personal affects to the bag. Then simply carry it with you, around your neck - or hang in your car, or somewhere in your home. 

    As as added bonus, Miss Sha' is also including a tiny tea light, also blue, with healing and protective properties. Burn this as you work through the knot spell and awaken the spirit of your bag. 

    At this time, Miss Sha' only has 4 of these little mojo bags - but hopefully, will have more in the near future.  She will accept orders for more - however, please be aware that there may be a 14 - 21 day waiting period in order to have your bag ready to ship. 

    If you have any questions, please email Miss Sha'. 

    Included in this listing:
    • Blue Leather Mojo Bag - filled with herbs, curio, mirrors, etc.
    • Three strings of ribbon 
    • Knot Spell Instructions
    • Protective Blue Tea Light