Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Turn Their Life to Sh!t!

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    In the swamp, we take things seriously when it comes to Revenge - the righting of a wrong. 

    This conjure is a nasty hex - designed to get back at someone that caused you a great deal of pain - emotionally, physically, psychologically. This hex is recommended to my clients that suffered as children or young adults at the hands of another, or those that have been abused. This will turn the target's life to absolute shi!t. 

    Miss Sha' typically likes to use a beef liver for this working. As the liver is a filter for the rest of the body - this is the perfect organ to jam up with nastiness. Petitions are written on your behalf - and proper offerings are made to the spirits before the work is started. Depending upon the desired outcome - the ingredients will be added (hot peppers, gunpowder, graveyard dirt, urine, spit, black dog hair, cat feces, the list goes on!) 

    The "mess" then is wrapped and bound together with photos and petitions, with black string. Then, Miss Sha' will use nasty, sticky fly paper as a final wrap - this ensures that nothing will escape this person's life - everything will stick to them like flies to the paper. And believe me... this fly paper is nasty. Usually takes Miss Sha' three days just to get it all off of her hands! 

    This ball of sick, feces-laden mess is then buried in the cemetery where it will remain - until it rots away into nothing. Just like the target's life!

    This is a SERIOUS working - not for the faint of heart. 

    And YES, this requires the use of a REAL liver. If you have to ask, you might want to choose another avenue of approach.