Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Truth Serum


    Miss Sha’s Truth Serum Oil: 

    Our Truth Serum is a special blend used to illicit the truth from folks around you, as well as ensure that what you say to others is seen as the truth. It has been reported to cause those with hidden agendas to come clean or be more open when speaking.  It’s often used in spells or conjure work to help reveal the truth about something that is hidden, or to even get someone to stop spreading lies.


    Miss Sha’s blend does contain baneful herbs, although is a very small amount. It is safe to the skin, but please do not ingest this formula! It’s a simple recipe, but highly effective.

    Truth Serum comes in a convenient 1/2 oz glass bottle.

    For external use only. 

    Suggested Use: Use to dress a white (truth) or blue (communications) candle with Truth Serum. Focus on seeing, hearing and knowing the truth from your target. Place the candle over a name paper or their photo. You can also wear the oil - place a drop on your fingers and touch behind each ear (to hear the truth), your eyelids (to see the truth) and your third eye (to know the truth). You can also rub a drop or two into your hands and then touch the person you are seeking truth from.