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  • Ties That Bind Conjure

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    Ties that Bind 

    Miss Sha' also offers a Binding Ritual. It's the opposite of the Severance Package. 

    It's a powerful conjure that, at it's core, binds two hearts together - never to be undone. Specifically designed to bind your heart to another. This is not for use in changing someone's will (there are other conjures for that), but this is for actually binding your own heart to the heart of another. This is your free will, physically and emotionally, giving your heart to someone - true love, in every sense of the word. 

    Two Hearts (yes, real animal hearts) are baptized with the appropriate oils and powders - then bound together. The thread used for the binding has been blessed and is a special blend, designed specifically for such work. The hearts are placed together on our altar and are worked for a specified number of days. When this work is complete, they are buried together in a special place, chosen by Miss Sha'. They will never be found - therefore, no one will ever be able to unbind the hearts.  
    Clients will be provided with photos and proof that the work being done is for their particular situation. 

    Perfectly designed to forever bind your heart to another.