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Swamp University is a donation-based school of spirituality.

So long as the school continues to receive donations by its students, we will remain this way.

Donations are given directly to the instructors with no profit going to some other non-working body.


Utilization of the easy to understand “Hermetic Irrefutable Laws” as a base to build on, we introduce the Divine Oneness Principle, that everything is connected. This Divine Oneness Principle helps each of us, regardless of personal belief, to gain an explanation as to why our way works for us. None of our teachers will ever claim to “Have the only way/path” but rather embrace the idea that we each can do it our own way (#DoItYourWay) so long as we can see evidence for ourselves. The Irrefutable laws help us see this evidence, more importantly the evidence each of us see becomes the veneration needed to strengthen our personal beliefs, no mater what those may be.

Humankind has lived in a state of survival for as long as we have existed. One element ensures that our survival continues. Without water no person will live more then a handful of days. The Swamp, a slow-moving body of water, brings us this life-giving element and those who have lived in or near a swamp also learn that it brings us everything we need in life. For the members of our school The Swamp is the perfect example of the Devine Oneness.

To date Swamp University offers 2 spiritual paths:

Conjure – The path leading to the ancient practice of sympathetic magic found in every tribal community sense the dawn of time. In this class series you will learn the magical properties of the things around you, as well as how to put them together in a manor to take control of your future and manifest the days to come.

Shamanic – The path leading to the ancient spirituality known as “Animism” found in every tribal community sense the dawn of time. In this class series you will learn how to see and connect with all things within our reality. This connection to all things helps us live a life of joy, harmony and balance.

The first class: The Path to Enlightenment – is the only class that is required for both paths.
In this class we will introduce the 3 meditations, creating a fundamental connection with the reality around us that is void of time and doubt. You will also learn the 18 irrefutable laws so that you may start adding their principle teachings to your understanding of your reality. This class you will get to meet our instructors and start seeing how the classes here in Swamp University will work.

The Class structure: Using a Facebook Group Platform - Each week there will be a live podcast that will be saved so you can view it when you have time, at the end of each week a homework assignment of some kind will be due. Your homework helps the instructor ensure that you have a good understanding of the material covered. It is beneficial that you keep up with the class, only meeting once a week makes this easy for most people who are ready for this journey, if life seems to be in the way, simply remove yourself and come back later.

Donations - All classes accept donations directly to the instructor, you can find a link to donate in the pinned post with-in the class. If you fail to donate for a class, we assume we are not teaching you anything and will ask privately if we need to change the class for you or if you would like to leave. Your donation is a way of grading us and insuring we are giving you the best class possible.


How to Register as a New Student

We are currently registering new students for the next two classes -  

(both of which are pre-requisites for other Swamp University classes).

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