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  • Shimmery Sugar Scrub

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    Shimmery Sugar Scrubs

    Ya'll have been so amazing in giving feedback for Miss Sha’s Conjure-in-a-Can Soy candles - with her own brand of fragrance/conjure oil blends - that she wanted to take it a step further. If fragrance and herbals can really affect us, why not incorporate them in to all body products?

    Miss Sha’s Shimmery Sugar Scrubs are so much fun! They don’t need to be diluted, but they do require a bit of shaking, or sometimes stirring, in order to keep the conjures oils all blended with the sugar and the other ingredients. 

    The blend that Miss Sha’ has created is very high quality. They are blended with sunflower, safflower, sesame seed and jojoba oils, along with Vitamin E and A. They are great for folks with skin allergies – but because of the herbal ingredients, Miss Sha’ still recommends doing a quick skin test, just be sure.

    These will make your body and face feel smooth, refreshed and smelling great!

    Choose from the very same fragrance/herbal blends that we offer in the 4oz Conjure-in-a-Can option that can be found HERE.

    Choose from:

    Hanky Panky – Fun & Flirtatious Come to Me Shimmery Sugar Scrub

    Hissy Fit – Stop acting like an asshat and regain your composure! – Shimmery Sugar Scrub

    Intoxication – Happiness & Well Being Shimmery Sugar Scrub

    Sage That Shit – Aura getting dusty? Sage that Shit! – Shimmery Sugar Scrub

    Sayonara, Bitch! – Miss Sha’s version of Bitch Away! – Shimmery Sugar Scrub

    Show Me the Money – Dirty Money – When you need to get Paid! – Shimmery Sugar Scrub

    These Sugar Scrubs, like most of our body products, will come to you, hand-blended and Swamp Witch charged, in a convenient 4oz jar. 

    Suggested use: 1 small dollop in your hands or on a wash rag – warm water – rub it on your skin. Rinse with warm water. 

    * Please remember, sometimes you will need to shake or stir the scrub to reintroduce the oils to the sugar. If the sugar hardens, which can happen, simply add a drop or two of water and stir. That’s all there is to it!  (Two of the photos above show the oil that will form on the top of the product when it needs to be shaken or stirred!)

     Warnings: While these scrubs are suitable for all skin types, we do highly recommend a skin test before using the product – especially if you are prone to sensitive skin. Please do not ingest – External use only