Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Miss Sha's Spiritual Cleansing Herbal Blend


    Miss Sha's Spiritual Cleansing Herbal Blend

    This is Miss Sha's very own spiritual bath mix. The recipe has been passed down through a handful of generations before finally landing in her hands. It is very time tested and approved! 100% organic!

    The blend is exceptionally aromatic - which, overall, helps to bring your mind back to reality and puts your soul at ease. It helps to drive away evil and restore balance to your mood and your life! When used in a doll baby or a floor wash, it is both cleansing, and protective, in nature. 

    It has a vast array of uses, but some suggestions are:

    • stuff inside a doll baby or gris gris
    • steep in boiling water for 20-30 minutes to make an herbal bath
    • add to a liquid or gel bath soap
    • herbal floor and window wash
    • potpourri for your home/bath
    The blend will come to you already blessed and charged, in a small reusable tin, approximately 2 oz. 
    This blend has several herbal components that are essential to it's effectiveness; however, some of the floral additives (rose petals, hibiscus flowers, etc) may change, from time to time, based upon the season and availability in Louisiana. 
    Please keep in mind that some settling may occur.