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    Sometimes the thing we desire most in life seems to always stay just out of reach.  We have used conjure and asked openly for the spirits and the universe to grant us this thing, yet it never seems to manifest itself. Perhaps we are told that “there is something blocking us” or “they are too powerful or protected”. Whatever the excuse for the work not bringing our desires - in the end, we are just not getting what we want.

    It is times like this that we must take matters into our own hands.  Travel to the spirit world and find out, first hand, why it is not working, or what needs to be done to make it work.  Then we must return to the spirit worlds and set forth an agreement to get things moving in the right direction.  It is through this type of working that we can take control of our lives and gain our deepest desires.

    Having seen some of his work or videos, maybe you wish to chat with Mr. Kelly, one on one. Do you have ideas you wish to explore on your own? Maybe you do not have anyone available to talk with about spiritual matters, or to truly express yourself with. Or you may just wish to chat to someone who shares similar beliefs.


    Mr. Kelly offers one-to-one, general spiritual consultation sessions via telephone or Facebook call. Where ever you are in the world, you can enjoy a chat about spiritual matters over a nice cup of tea. 


    Explore spiritual concepts and ideas with Mr. Kelly. Gain awareness of reality beyond our five senses, contemplate self- exploration and balancing, and learn new ways of perceiving life in the quest for happiness and peace - these are just a few of the avenues to explore.

    Sessions are relaxed and informal. Mr. Kelly looks forward to meeting you!


    This is a service that Mr. Kelly provides to help folks. Many ask how much it costs. That is all up to what value you gain out of the service. What can you afford?  Much like the custom of tipping your rootworker - this is the same concept. If, after speaking with Mr. Kelly, you feel that you gained insight or found value in the information he provided, please feel free to donate or tip him for his services.