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  • Spiritual Cleansing - 21 Days

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    Complete Spiritual Cleansing
    When she says complete, she means COMPLETE!

    Miss Sha' has a unique perspective when it comes to spiritual cleansing at a distance. 
    Cleansing the spirit is probably the single most important thing that we can do - to help us handle nearly any situation we face. 

    Most of us are too short on time, and energy, to do a powerful cleansing on our own. 

    Miss Sha's cleansings are specifically designed to rid you of what ails ya! Not getting lasting results from your work? No matter what you do, things just aren't working out? Feel like you are crossed and need help? Unable to focus on the tasks at hand?
    These cleansings will rid you of jinx, curses, evil eye, envy, jealousy, and just plain old bad luck! It will uncross your condition and act as a Road Opener. It's a powerful healing that will wipe the slate clean and will bring about the opportunity for renewal and success. 
    Once she begins - your complete cleansing will take about 21 days.

    It's the same as taking a spiritual bath every single day!

    7 Days of Spiritual cleansing - holy water and herbal baths

    7 Days of Road Opener - opening doorways and removing obstacles

    7 Days of Protection - showering your spirit with an intense light to keep that funk off of you in the future

    Miss Sha' usually likes to have a personal effect mailed to her for this work - so schedule accordingly. 

    Again - these are first come, first serve. They take a tremendous amount of energy, time and resources - so only three can be worked at any one time. If you feel you need or want a spiritual cleansing - please contact us at the time of purchase for the next available dates. 

    Once this order is placed, please send the following to Miss Sha':

    • Piece of clothing (can be washed) about the size of a sheet of paper. She does not need the entire teeshirt, just a large piece, about 8" x 8".
    • A recent photo - clearly showing the eyes
    • Full name and date of birth

    If you need Miss Sha's mailing address, please send her an email to

    Please email Miss Sha' with any questions you may have.   

    This working is also available in NEW kit form. 

    You can find the DIY Spiritual Cleanse Kit Here - DIY Spiritual Cleansing Kit

    The kit includes everything you need to perform a DIY spiritual cleanse at home - you just add the container, water and personal concerns. 

    It's still a 21 day complete process - just in the comfort of your own home! And walks you, step by step, through it all!