Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Candle - Tri-Colored Spiritual Cleanse Candle


    Miss Sha's Tri-Colored Spiritual Candle - 

    Hey babies! Anyone that knows much about Hoodoo knows about dual action candles. But what about triple action candles?

    Yeah you right, cher - we said triple! This candle is a damn triple threat to negativity, hexes, jinx, evil eye and all that nonsense! 

    Three powerful colors - to focus on three areas of your life!

    Miss Sha' created these conjure candles specifically for her spiritual cleansings. They help cleanse the mind, body and soul - removing any confusion, imbalance and negativity. 

    The Blue portion is symbolic of negativity and self-sabotage being burned away, cleansing the spirit. The Orange is all about opening up the roads and closed doors before you - allowing you to begin a new chapter. And finally, the White portion is for protection - to help ward off negativity, evil eye, hex and the like, for a bit - while you enjoy your new feelings of spiritual cleanliness!

    These candles are the very same ones that Miss Sha' uses when she performs a cleanse for her clients. They are the very same ones that customers receive when they order the DIY Home Cleansing Kit

    They are all hand-poured by Miss Sha', cured, cleaned and blessed - just perfect and ready for your use when they arrive!

    These can be used as stand alone conjure candles, or if you have previously done a DIY Cleanse  (Found Here), or if you have had Miss Sha' perform a cleanse for you - service is (Found Here), then this candle can easily become a booster for that work, or you can perform the DIY cleanse again, yourself, without having to purchase the entire kit a second time! 

    Large - approximately 6" tall x 1.5" wide