Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Spirits Be Gone! Conjure Oil


    Spirits Be Gone! Conjure Oil:  

    You can’t have an oil to bring spirits, if you don’t have one to banish them!

    We took an ancient family recipe used in exorcisms in the old country and brought you this wonderful product. 

    Several medium friends have complained about being overrun with spirits that just won't give it a rest at the end of the day. Others that are sensitive to such beyond-the-grave communications have agreed: this oil helps calm the waters. 

    This special blend is designed to help sever the psychic communication link with spirits when you have completed the spiritual work or ended your meditation rituals. I believe we had one client that often suffered from night terrors that gained some relief when using this oil before bedtime.

    Excellent for use with a black candle when banishing spirits or entities from a location. Also great for cleansing cards, medium/scrying equipment or crystals.  


    Oil comes in 1/2 oz - glass bottle.