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  • Spirit Communication Gris Gris - Limited Edition

    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Limited Edition Handmade Halloween "Bump in the Night" Gris Gris - 

    Recommended Oil for this gris gris: Psychic Reinforcement 

    Fall, and especially October, is Miss Sha’s most favorite time of year! The weather is becoming crisp, leaves are falling, and the veil is thinning, making ancestor and spirit communication all the easier! For this reason, each fall, Miss Sha’ makes a special batch of communication powder, designed to aid in the communication of spirit. Much like her Psychic Reinforcement Oil, which can be found HERE, this little sachet will help facilitate the communication between you and loved ones that have moved on. When used properly, it can make the communication you hear crystal clear.

    We are also offering a combo box - the "Bump in the Night" Gris Gris AND a 1/2oz bottle of Psychic Reinforcement Oil.

    Miss Sha' has handmade gris gris for many years. She was taught a very traditional way, with blending the ingredients and giving each its own life. She was also taught that gris gris should be quaint, easy to hide on your person and undetectable. For this reason, her gris gris are small - but they are super charged and super packed - they are much more powerful than they appear! These particular gris gris were made with only three fabric choices, each with its own little Halloween-inspired charm!

    Regardless of type, Miss Sha's gris gris are all handmade and filled with a powerful blend of hand-crushed herbs or powders, dirts and minerals, curio, stones, crystals - the list goes on. Most of the recipes she uses have been handed down for many generations. These gris gris come directly to you with the proper number of ingredients - all blended and balanced for the task at hand. The little bag will have already been charged - you will simply need to follow the included instructions to awaken your gris gris before the first use. 

    Please note - in Miss Sha's tradition, a gris gris and a mojo are two different things. Gris Gris are much like a sachet - small and easy to hide, and they are sealed or tied shut. A Mojo is a larger bag that is tied shut, but can be opened so the items can be changed out from time to time, or your personal items can be added. Miss Sha' makes Mojo bags, upon special request. 

    Do not allow anyone else to touch your gris gris, this can render it useless. 

    Try to keep it close to your skin the first week or two of use. 

    Do not allow your gris gris to get wet or even damp (do not shower with it, do not wash it, do not anoint with too much oil) - this will ruin the bag. 

    If the bag is dropped, it's okay. Pick it up and recharge it, per the instructions that come with it. 

    If the bag is handled by someone else - it will need to be completely recharge and reawakened. Contact Miss Sha' for advice.