Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Soy - Custom Request

    Please be specific, but within reason. Do not ask for some off the wall fragrance, or a blend of strange smells!
    What should this candle do? What are you seeking? If for a specific target, please provide me their name and information.

    Custom Conjure-in-a-Can Soy Candle -    (please see time line info below the listing)


    Ever have a specific need for a conjure, but can't find the right candle? 

    Example - maybe you LOVE our Psychic Reinforcements oil, but want a candle that helps with the same thing! 

    Or maybe you need to light a candle at night to help push negative energies away while you sleep. 

    Or maybe, you need a candle to give to your boyfriend - to help keep him faithful! 

    Just let Miss Sha' know what you need, along with a fragrance idea or two.  She will try to combine the right fragrances, energies and herbal blends, to achieve what you are looking for. 

    Things to keep in mind:

    • These are custom - 100%
    • Not produced in batches, but as individuals
    • May have to special order fragrance (don't get crazy, try to be reasonable and specific).
    • Keep it simple - a single candle cannot fix your love life, your finances, your health all in one. One issue per candle!
    • These may take up to 21 days to produce if I have to order the fragrance


    Like all of our soy candles, these will come to you hand poured and Swamp Witch charged with your requested blend of fragrance, herbals and intentions. (Photos here are simply examples!)


    Conjure-in-a-Can are 4oz in size - which will give you approximately 35-45 hours of burn time*

    These candles are 100% All-Natural, Cruelty-Free Soy Candles - blended with some of the highest quality botanicals, herbs and my own personal oils. 

    * Burn times are approximate. Proper burning of a soy candles is different than a paraffin candle. Soy wax is meant to be burned until a large wax pool forms - and then extinguished. Giving the wax time to harden again. Once hard, repeat the process. This will give you the maximum burn, with the best fragrance, and will often increase the life of your candle tremendously! Soy candles are not meant to be burned non-stop, for many hours.  Always place container candles on a heat-proof surface to avoid damaging tables, etc. Also, please be sure to read the burning instructions and cautions that come with the candle. Be sure to trim the pig-tail wick, as well, BEFORE lighting!