Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Soy - Conjure Melting Tarts


    Soy Melting Tarts - Soy Cubes

    This listing is for all of our Melting Tarts / Cubes. These are the tart/cube version of our Conjure-in-a-Can line.

    These are just like our Soy Conjure Cans but made for tart warmers!

    They are blended and poured in 6 cube clamshells. They are just like the Scentsy-style cubes that melt.

    Choose from the very same fragrances and herbal conjure blends of our 4oz Containers:

    • ·         Hanky Panky – Fun and Flirty. Love-Drawing

    • ·         Hissy Fit – Instead of Netflix & Chill, this is Conjure On & Chill the f*ck out!

    • ·         Intoxication – Happiness & Well Being

    • ·         Sage That Shit – Aura getting dusty? Sage that Shit!!

    • ·         Sayonara, Bitch – Our version of Bitch Away! – GTFO of here with your nonsense!

    • ·         Show Me the Money – Mo’Money – when you need to get paid!


    Things to know about our soy clamshell tarts:

    • ·         100% All-Natural, Cruelty-Free Soy Tarts

    • ·         Blended with some of the highest quality botanicals, herbs and our own personal oils

    • ·         These can be melted and remelted, multiple times, with great scent throw.

    • ·         Colors of custom candles will vary wildly – please see container listings for color information     

    • ·         Soy candles can often ‘frost’ or turn white around the edges. This is common and does not affect the burning or the fragrance of your candle at all.