Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Soy - Conjure Tarts


    Soy Conjuring Tarts –

    These are just like our Conjure-in-a-Can Containers, but these are made for warmers!

    They are the Scentsy-style cubes that melt. Bonus side: they can be re-melted, multiple times, with a clean scent throw! All the power of the can, just in a more convenient form!

    Choose from the very same fragrance/herbal blends that we offer in the 4oz Conjure-in-a-Can option that can be found HERE.

    Choose from:

    • ·         Hanky Panky – Fun & Flirtatious Conjure Candle
    • ·         Hissy Fit – Instead of Netflix & Chill… Chill and Conjure On!
    • ·         Intoxication – Happiness & Well Being Conjure Candle
    • ·         Return to Sender – Send that shit back where it came from Conjure Candle
    • ·         Sage That Shit – Aura getting dusty? Sage that Shit!
    • ·         Sayonara, Bitch! – A soy version of Bitch Away!
    • ·         Show Me the Money – Mo’ Money – When you need to get Paid! Conjure Candle

    Coming Soon!

    • ·         Now you See Me – Spirit Conjuring & Communication Candle
    • ·         Cease & Desist – Stop Addictive Behavior & Banish Bad Habits Conjure Candle
    • ·         Defamation of Character – STFU, or else! Conjure Candle