Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Skull Conjure Candle - Large


    When you wanna really get inside someone’s head – the Skull candle is the way to go! Penetrate their thoughts, make them think a certain way, confuse them!


    These awesome skulls are hand poured, charged and blessed by Miss Sha’. They are each about 5” tall and about 2.5” thick. They come in a variety of colors (see below).


    So what is the best way to use these types of candles? Carve the name of your target on the forehead or the back of the head. Hollow out the bottom and fill with appropriate herbs or even a personal concern of your target. Stick pins in the head and the eyes – and a tack in the mouth! Light 'em up! They will work much like a doll baby – as they can easily be a form of sympathetic magick.

    We offer the following colors: 

    • Black: Cursing, Break-ups, Causing Confusion and Fighting, Jinxing, Making one crazy
    • Red: Lust works – obsessive love, Seduction/Attraction, Come to Me
    • White: Healing, Spiritual Cleansing
    • Green: Pay Me Now, Money and Business
    • Purple: Dominance Over Others, Control
    • Blue: Reconciliation, Peaceful Home
    • Orange: Road Opening, Communication
    • Yellow: Mental Clarity, Clear Thinking