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  • Silver Mercury Dime

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    Silver Mercury Dimes - 

    Silver Mercury Dimes have great significance in southern folk magick and hoodoo. They are alleged to be exceptionally powerful protective charms, as well as bringing good luck and wealth to the owner/wearer.  

    Mercury dimes were those minted between 1916 and 1946 and depict the image of Liberty wearing a winged cap. The image was believed to be Mercury, the Roman God of Communication. The discovery that the image was actually Liberty came a little too late as the Mercury dime had already taken on the legend.

    In Southern folk magick, it is well known that a person can be jinxed if someone lays sachet powders or ground herbs in your path where you walk, or near your doorstep. This is called ‘foot track magick’ and it is believed that a person can be ‘poisoned’ or ‘sickened’ through the feet, should they step on this powder. Mercury dimes were often tied to the ankle of the wearer to avoid this sickness, as the silver would absorb the sickness and turn black. If the dime turned black, it was highly recommended that you take a cleansing bath, cleanse your home, etc.

    It is also alleged that mercury dimes that were minted during a leap year, are especially good at bringing about prosperity. Leap year coins provide added ‘chance’ to anything you are working. The dimes make excellent gambler’s charms – especially for games of chance. Those gamblers that particularly like the ‘long shot odds’ will do well with a mercury dime. Mercury is the ruler of the Crossroads in Roman philosophies. In traditional hoodoo believes, this equates to everyone’s favorite crossroads keeper, Papa Legba (Ellegua, Eshu).

    Authentic mercury dimes are becoming increasingly more difficult to find anymore. I am lucky in that my father has been a coin collector since before I was born. He has offered to share some of his coins with me. I have chosen several to keep for myself, but would love to pass some of these on to you. We have done the research and have determined the actual average value of the dimes, based upon minted date, mark, and condition of the coin. 

    We only have limited supplies of these dimes. 

    Non-Leap Year Dimes will be minted between 1937 - 1945.

    Leap Year Dimes will be minted in 1936 & 1944

    Make sure you get one of these awesome talismans!

    Suggested Use:

    A fun suggestion for Mercury Dimes is to drill a hole in the dime and thread a red string or piece of yarn through the center. Wear it tied to your ankle. If it turns black, it took a “hit” for you. If the string breaks while you are wearing it, it took a “hit” for you.  These dimes are also great for adding to mojo bags – for gambling. Or hang in your home, car, business or on your person for added protection.