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  • Soy - Show Me the Money Conjure Candle


    Show Me the Money - Conjure in a Can Soy Candle

    Ever been in a situation where you provided a service or good for someone else and they failed to make good on the payment? Someone you know bounce a check? Some sucka owe you cash?

    There are many spells out there that can be done to help facilitate timely payment of monies owed – but sometimes, those spells can take weeks to manifest. What if you could work a little candle magick into your everyday life – sort of insurance – that those that owe you money will be compelled to pay you. Or, you can use this blend to simply help keep your cash in YOUR pocket!

    The recipe is a blend of oils, herbs and other botanicals that create a very fragrant reminder that your money is indeed your money. It will also help keep you focused on those that actually owe you well-deserved funds. The energies placed upon this particular candle blend are focused on being paid real money, in real time – not some distant future paydate.

    The candle is blended with devil’s shoestring, and our Fast Cash Powder. We also added our Victory powder – which helps ensure your victory in all things you set your mind to. The fragrance? Why beautiful, musky Dragon’s Blood, of course!

    Conjure-in-a-Can are 4oz in size - which will give you approximately 35-45 hours of burn time*

    These candles are 100% All-Natural, Cruelty-Free Soy Candles - blended with some of the highest quality botanicals, herbs and my own personal oils. 

    This blend is also available in a soy melting tart (Scentsy-style cubes) for warmers. 

    * Also, please understand, colors will vary. Different shades of green - No two batches will ever be the same, in color! *

    * Burn times are approximate. Proper burning of a soy candles is different than a paraffin candle. Soy wax is meant to be burned until a large wax pool forms - and then extinguished. Giving the wax time to harden again. Once hard, repeat the process. This will give you the maximum burn, with the best fragrance, and will often increase the life of your candle tremendously! Soy candles are not meant to be burned non-stop, for many hours.  Always place container candles on a heat-proof surface to avoid damaging tables, etc. Also, please be sure to read the burning instructions and cautions that come with the candle. Be sure to trim the pig-tail wick, as well, BEFORE lighting! *