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  • Shimmering Body Lotion


    Shimmering Body Lotion

    A good conjure candle can do a great many things – but a candle cannot do it all.  And sometimes, burning a candle or taking it with you, is out of the question.

    Your amazing feedback on our Conjure-in-a-Can Soy Candles lead Miss Sha’ to create a few body product offerings that use the same herbs, same oils, and same properties as those very candles. 

    These products will help you take your workings a step further.

    When the weather is cold, and we don’t get to see the sunshine as often as we would like, it is important to keep our skin hydrated. So why not combine the hydration need with your conjure need and kill two birds with one stone!

    This soft shimmer body lotion contains 90% organic ingredients and is quite suitable for all skin types.  It combines the herbal properties of our regular conjure oils, the same fragrance blends we use in our soy conjure candles, and the moisturizing effect of things like Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel, Sunflower Oil and Shea Butter, along with Buckthorn Extract and Vitamin E. It soothes the skin, and leaves it feeling silky, while adding a soft sparkle that works well for all skin tones. Not to mention the conjure effect. These lotions work the same as the Conjure-in-a-Can Soy Container candles!!

    Choose from the very same fragrance/herbal blends that we offer in the 4oz Conjure-in-a-Can option that can be found HERE.

    Choose from:

    • ·         Hanky Panky – Fun & Flirtatious Come to Me Body Lotion

    • ·         Hissy Fit – Stop acting like an asshat and regain your composure! – Body Lotion 
    • ·         Intoxication – Happiness & Well Being Body Lotion 
    • ·         Sage That Shit – Aura getting dusty? Sage that Shit! – Body Lotion 
    • ·         Sayonara, Bitch! – Miss Sha’s version of Bitch Away! – Body Lotion 
    • ·         Show Me the Money – Mo’ Money – When you need to get Paid! – Body Lotion 

    Body Lotions come to you, hand-made and Swamp Witch charged, in a convenient 2oz tapered bottle with a black dispensing cap.

    * Also, please understand, the colors of the lotion will vary. Being hand-made, no two batches will be identical in color! And give it a little shake before each use to recombine the oils and lotion. 


    * Warnings: While the lotion is suitable for all skin types, we do highly recommend a skin test before using the product – especially if you are prone to sensitive skin. Please do not ingest – External use only