Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Shave Soap


    Inexplicable Things is proud to present the second of several personal care products that are designed specifically for men! (Women can use them too and do!!)

    Not sure which fragrance to choose? Well, ask yourself: Are you a rugged outdoorsy type that wears flannel and catches fish with his bare hands? Or maybe you are more of a bearded warrior, anxiously awaiting the results of your DNA results! Or perhaps your ancestors force some poor sap to walk the plank! Well, whatever the case – don’t get keel-hauled for having a 5 o’clock shadow! Take your morning shave routine to the next level!

    High quality shaving soaps are a wonderful way to keep your skin smooth and soft as a baby’s butt! Inexplicable Things’ shave soaps are hand-crafted with all-natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, among a few other things. They are made with a blend designed to create an incredibly rich lather – great for lifting the hair, as well as providing great glide for your razor.

    Miss Sha’s soaps are free of synthetic foaming agents and contain only premium oils. These will help condition your skin, as well as set you up, metaphysically, to seize the day!

    As all of IT’s body products, they pull double duty. They are conjure items, as well. Each blend has specific purposes that help to amplify certain properties and conditions.  Be sure to choose which one suits your needs:

    • The Pirate – Scents of Bay Rum with hints of lime and coconut. Excellent for bringing good fortune, money and wealth, overall good luck.

    • The Viking – Hints of orange, grapefruit, sage give this an earthy smell. But we take it a bit further and added some slight amber and lavender notes, oakmoss, tonka to round it out. This oil is great for achieving victory in all things. Success and gaining the advantage over others.

    • The Woodsman – Another great natural base with woodsy tones. Combined with vanilla to give it a touch of sweetness – it’s warm and sophisticated, yet rugged. The will clear the obstacles that stand in your way. It will help to unlock doors previously closed off and will help with uncrossing
    • Hanky Panky - It's fun - It's flirtatious - it smells like cinnamon and tropical tuberose! It's basically a Come to Me, but with a slight twist. Definitely be forewarned - could lead to SERIOUS bedroom activities! 
    • Hissy Fit - Use a wonderful recharging spa-inspiring fragrance to slap you up-side the head and STOP acting like an asshat! After you throw your hissy fit, calm your tits!
    • Intoxication - complete and total secret - we can't tell you how we take blood orange and other tropical fragrances to create an intoxicating aroma that you just can't help but smile and be happy with!
    • Sage That Shit - Is your aura getting dusty? Picking up spiritual funk from folks always up in your space? Sage That Shit with Spearmint, Sage, Eucalyptus. 
    • Sayonara, Bitch! - Miss Sha's version of Bitch Be Gone! Banish the hell out of negative people and negative vibes. Another tropical-y fragrant with some bananas, pineapples, evening primrose and a few other things. 
    • Show Me the Money - Mo' Money, we can help! Dragonsblood, allspice and some other fun money-drawing fragrance are bound to help bring about success in anything you do!

    ** Suggested Use: With a quality boar bristle brush, moistened with hot water, work the shave soap into a lather. Using small circles with the brush, apply the lather to the skin that is to be shaved. Allow the shave lather to dry, slightly, then lather a second time. Shave as normal. Yes, ladies, you can use this same procedure as well!  Once finished shaving, rinse skin. Apply a balm or oil designed for after shave – if you feel you need one. Our entire panel agreed that there was no need.  **

    These shave soaps come in a 4oz golden rust-resistant tin with a lid.

    If you choose the kit option, you also get a great beginner brush made with boars hair bristles.