Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Self Love Oil


    Self-Love Oil –

    While a solid caring relationship with others is valuable, our relationship with ourselves is the real key to happiness and overall good health. As humans, we should be continually growing on our own healing journey of self-appreciation, self-love and self-compassion. Being in this frame of mind helps us value ourselves.  It allows us the right to self-prioritize our own health and well-being – which, in turn, helps us to make healthy relationships with others.

    Many of us struggle with letting go of criticism, negative self-talk, shame, even self-loathing from time to time. If we learn to let go of all that, and truly learn to love our self, then we allow others to truly love us, too!

    If you have a healthy grasp on how the Law of Attraction works, you will understand that we often attract partners and relationships based upon what we send out into the Universe and what we show others. So, if you are overly critical of self, or full of negativity about yourself – then you will likely attract the type of folks that will also be overly critical of you, or harbor negativity towards you.

    This particular oil is a Mr. Kelly creation. It specifically vibrates at a frequency that promotes amazing self-empowerment. It is designed to help with the following:

    • If you look in the mirror and do not see the very BEST version of you

    • If you always put others first, in your daily life

    • You do not seem to attract healthy relationships

    • Helps rid you of self-doubt and self-destructive tendencies

    As with all of Inexplicable Things’ oils, feel free to use them as you see fit.  There truly is no single ‘right’ way to use an oil. We do suggest a few drops on your body as a perfume (after a skin safety test, of course), or dressing a pink candle.

    Oil comes in a convenient 1/2oz glass bottle.  

    (As with all of our oils, please do a skin test if you have sensitive skin. Do not ingest our oils. And check with a doctor before using if you are pregnant.)