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  • Selenite Point Skyscraper

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    Selenite Skyscraper Points

    Selenite, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful crystals that you can have. And they are so versatile. 

    This stone vibrates at a very high frequency, which makes it perfect for meditation - as they help to open the passage between the spiritual and the Earthly, as well as elevating the consciousness to focus on the higher self. It is also excellent for focus and clarity of mind - so folks that are studying for an exam or have highly stressful, detail oriented jobs can benefit from keeping this stone on their desk. 

    Selenite is also excellent for spiritual cleansing. It helps remove detachments, and cleanse sacred space - but it can also be used in 'brushing' off the negatives on a daily basis, simply by running a piece of this amazing stone over your body. 

    These towers, or skyscrapers, as I like to call them, are a powerful tool to have in your home or office. They will constantly cleanse and protect your space, by absorbing and dispelling negative energy. A suggested use, if you are wanting to create a crazy powerful energetic shield - place a skyscraper in each corner of the room - and voila - safe and highly protected sacred space. 

    Name after the Moon Goddess, Selene - you can easily see the connection with lunar energies. 

    Activating your crystal: hold it in both hands. Breath in and focus. Visualize your intentions. 

    Each skyscraper is approximately 4" tall, and range from 1.5"-2.5" in diameter at the base. 

    One word of caution - DO NOT cleanse selenite with water! Water will erode selenite very quickly! 

    Cleansing: Selenite is one stone that rarely needs to be cleared. In fact, I was taught to never cleanse it. However, if you wish, place it outside under a Full Moon, or noonday Sun - and leave for at least 4 hours. You can also cleanse it with Sage or Palo Santo sticks.