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  • Selenite Desert Rose

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    Selenite Desert Rose - 

    Ahh, the beauty and versatility of selenite. 

    Rather than ask what the Desert Rose can do, it might be better to ask what it cannot do.  This is because this stone vibrates at a very high frequency, it virtually, can have an affect on all areas of your life. 

    Called the 'desert rose' because it resembles a little cluster of rose petals, this 'rose' is excellent for strengthening relationships, encouraging friendships and building bonds. If you want closeness with your partner, add a Desert Rose to the bedroom space. It helps to unleash inhibitions!! 

    Other areas often affected by adding a Desert Rose to your space:

    • Clarity of mind - helps get your through confusing and troubling times
    • Excellent for meditation - reach deeper meditative states, activate your third eye, and strengthens intuition
    • Chakra - using this stone will help cleanse and restore balance
    • Increase self worth and self confidence - banish shyness by boosting your confidence level
    • Increase sex drive and chance of fertility
    • Travel - Desert Rose is known to help with nausea and travel sickness, as well as fatigue

    Suggested uses: place one somewhere in your home as a decoration or place a piece in the four corners of your home to ward off negative energies. Keep a chunk in your bedroom to spark the passion flame. Carry a small piece with you when you travel.  

    Selenite is named after the Moon Goddess, Selene - you can easily see the connection with lunar energies. Desert Rose Selenite can range in color from brown and tan to a soft pink, cream or even white. They are sometimes called Gypsum Rose, Rose Rock, Sand Rose. 

    Activating your crystal: hold it in both hands. Breath in and focus. Visualize your intentions. 

    Each raw stone is approximately 2-1/2 - 3" across - all will vary slightly in size, shape and appearance.  

    Word of caution - DO NOT cleanse selenite with water! Water will erode selenite very quickly! 

    Do NOT leave any candles burning unattended, even in tealight form! 

    Cleansing: Selenite is one stone that rarely needs to be cleared. In fact, I was taught to never cleanse it. However, if you wish, place it outside under a Full Moon, or noonday Sun - and leave for at least 4 hours. You can also cleanse it with Sage or Palo Santo sticks.