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  • Soy - Sage That Shit Conjure Candle


    Sage That Shit Conjure in a Can Soy Candle 

    Negativity, bad karma, anger, anxiety in the world today – it all builds up. No matter how hard we try, we just can’t escape this type of energy. Sometimes it affects us, sometimes not. But over time, it can create serious issues that plague our every move.

    You can take a cleansing bath, you can rub your body down with candles, eggs, herbs – but what about day to day? Sometimes, it’s not convenient to go through such measures. So what do you do when your aura gets dusty? Sage that shit, baby! Clear it out and make a clean sweep!

    Our recipe is a blend of oils, herbs and other botanicals that create a very well balanced tool to assist you in the daily removal of karmic build-up, or negativity. It helps provide a clear focus and aroma therapy to help wipe the slate clean and return you to a spiritual balance.

    The candle is blended with mint, bay, and sage – but we took it a step further and incorporated our own Gypsy Blessing conjure powder in this candle. It is also made with a very unique candle fragrance combining eucalyptus and spearmint - helps reduce stress and elevate the mood.  

    Conjure-in-a-Can are 4oz in size - which will give you approximately 35-45 hours of burn time*

    These candles are 100% All-Natural, Cruelty-Free Soy Candles - blended with some of the highest quality botanicals, herbs and my own personal oils. 

    This blend is also available in a soy melting tart (Scentsy-style cubes) for warmers. 

    * Also, please understand, colors will vary. Different shades of blue will occur - No two batches will ever be the same, in color! *

    * Burn times are approximate. Proper burning of a soy candles is different than a paraffin candle. Soy wax is meant to be burned until a large wax pool forms - and then extinguished. Giving the wax time to harden again. Once hard, repeat the process. This will give you the maximum burn, with the best fragrance, and will often increase the life of your candle tremendously! Soy candles are not meant to be burned non-stop, for many hours.  Always place container candles on a heat-proof surface to avoid damaging tables, etc. Also, please be sure to read the burning instructions and cautions that come with the candle. Be sure to trim the pig-tail wick, as well, BEFORE lighting! *