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  • Road Opener Work

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    Road Opening Work –

    This is a multiple day candle working that is perfect for when you feel ‘stuck’ in life. If things in your life have basically come to a stand still and nothing is moving forward or manifesting, this is the working you need.  This candle work is a great working if you have cleansed or uncrossed and still haven’t managed to find what is blocking you.  It will help remove obstacles and clearing a path for you to begin forward momentum once again.

    Miss Sha’ will prepare a candle just for you – spirit will direct her to use a 7 Knob, Figural or Conjure candle for the working. She will dress and fix the candle, charge it and bless it. Once the candle is ready, the stage will be set with appropriate herbs and curios, and sometimes floral components. The working will be worked, daily, along with offering to spirits. If there are any blockages, Miss Sha’ will do her best to remove those blockages. Once the work is complete, Miss Sha’ will report any notable findings.

    If you wish for Miss Sha’ to perform a Road Opener working, she will need the following:

    • Fairly recent photo of the target, showing the face and eyes

    • Full name and date of birth of the target

    • Petition – One or two sentences about why you believe you are blocked and what you hope to gain.  Please – keep this VERY short and sweet – no extra details.

    • Please send all information to Miss Sha’ at
    • Miss Sha’ does most workings on Saturdays. Your working will be completed within 2-3 weeks (on a Saturday) depending upon how busy she is.  She also needs the necessary information no later than noon on Wednesday, if she is to try to fit it in the following Saturday.  No exceptions.