Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Road Opener Conjure Oil


    Road Opener Conjure Oil (Abre Camino): 

    The recipe we use for this oil contains all the traditional herbs used for a Road Opener. It's been the same for generations - when something works, why change it?

    Road Opener oil is used to break up blockages and burst through any blocked condition. It helps clear paths and overcome obstacles to help you achieve new goals and opportunities. 

    Road Opener oil can be used in conjunction with nearly any other formulas for financial gain and success, money drawing, love drawing, communications, or anything of a sexual nature.  

    * Some of the herbs used in this formula are becoming increasingly more rare and hard to track down, hence the difference in price of this oil, in comparison to our others. We try to keep our prices down. *

    Oil comes in convenient size: 1/2 oz glass bottle 

     Recommended for external use only.