Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Candle - Road Opener


    Fixed Road Opener Candle –

    This orange candle is designed to help open those roads that have been previously closed to you. Bust through any road blocks or closed doors so you can move forward – full steam ahead!

    The candle is orange – which is an amazing color for such workings. Orange indicates sudden, profound change. Bold and aggressive, the color can stimulate the senses.

    It has also been anointed with our Road Opener Oil (Found Here), which is a powerful family blend (yes, with Abre Camino) that packs a powerful punch.

    It is also dusted with our Crown of Success Powder (Found Here) , which helps make you virtually unstoppable once you put your mind to something.

    The candle also hold a key. As the candle burns, it will release the key, thereby symbolizing the unlocking of the doors before you. The key can be kept as a charm, altar piece, given as a gift, etc. (Keys will vary in size and style)

    Large - approximately 6" tall x 1.5" wide

    Suggested use: Focus your intent. Focus on the key. Know that this key will unlock doors for you. Write out a little petition, just a few sentences on what you want and why you are burning this candle. Place it under the candle or under the plate you set the candle on. Light it up!