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  • Road Kill Swamp Conjure

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    Louisiana Swamp Conjure: RoadKill

    (This working is by appointment ONLY - you must reach out to me to discuss, BEFORE you purchase!)

    You got someone in your past that is just so full of themselves that they can't see the forest for the trees? 

    Someone that severely hurt you, disrespected you, all in the name of drama? 

    Someone that needs a taste of their own medicine? 

    This is the real deal. In Louisiana, when someone does this to our friend's or family members - we turn them into Roadkill! 

    It starts by finding what the swamp has to offer - any roadkill will do! It's baptized as your target, and then tightly wrapped in beautiful colored yarns. Some energy and candle work are done to complete the process. The bright colored bundle is then set on fire! As the fire consumes the pretty colors - the facade of the target melts away. The people around them begin to distance themselves - seeing the target for who they truly are... they become a symbol of the stinking, rotting roadkill. Most people in their circle of drama, start dropping like flies. They don't want anything to do with the target much after something like this. It creates enough havoc and chaos in the target's life, that they are often left all alone, with no successes, no friends, a shell of their former know-it-all Queen or King Bee selves. 

    This is an excellent working when you want to create a lasting, long term effect on someone. 

    Miss Sha' will write out all petitions, on your behalf - and speak to the spirits for you. She will also take care of proper altar and candle work prior to the conjure. Once done, any remaining "mess" will be either buried in the family graveyard or tossed in the bayou to continue rotting away. Photographs of the process will be provided to you.  

    This is a SERIOUS working - not for the faint of heart. And YES, this requires the use of a REAL dead animal! We will not kill an animal for this - but find actual roadkill for the work. If you have to ask, you might want to choose another avenue of approach.