Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch

Revenge & Crossing Powder


Revenge / Crossing Powder:  

This is our basic, all-purpose Revenge & Crossing Powder.  

This powder is focused, for use in calling dark forces or spirits, in order to destroy your enemies. It’s serious business. 

As mild as this powder may seem, it actually contains some seriously baneful ingredients. We combine traditional crossing herbs, with hoodoo ingredients known to cause harm. Vandal root, graveyard dirt, sulfur – among other things, will seriously mess up your enemies. It is designed to cause serious misfortune and ongoing bad luck. It will add oomph to nearly any crossing work you need to do. It will turn their health, wealth and love life upside down. It will destroy enemies that get in your way.  

For when sh!t has just finally hit the fan and you are backed into a corner with no way out except straight ahead. 

1/2oz glass tubes with a tight-fitting cork. 

Settling is a natural occurrence. 

The powders are already quite well-blended, but you may want to shake them around a bit.