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  • Soy - Return to Sender Candle

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    Return to Sender - Conjure in a Can Soy Candle

    What can ya do when you feel like you’ve been magickally attacked, but aren’t sure where it came from? Sometimes you just need to send those nasty vibrations back to whatever loser sent them your way! When you wanna make ‘em pay – but just don’t have the time! Perfect solution – a little candle magick damage control!  

    This recipe is one that I have used many times, but finally decided to put it into candle form. Herbs, oil and botanicals combine perfectly to break hexes, order evil to return to the sender, and even stop abusive behavior. It helps eliminate negative energies and vibes.  

    The candle is blended with lemon verbena and our famous Reversing powder. We also threw in a few drops of Controlling oil before pouring! And we found the perfect Lemongrass fragrance to blend in, as well! Super clean and refreshing – will make you feel clean all over!

    This blend is also available in a soy melting tart (Scentsy-style cubes) for warmers. 

    * Burn times are approximate. Proper burning of a soy candles is different than a paraffin candle. Soy wax is meant to be burned until a large wax pool forms - and then extinguished. Giving the wax time to harden again. Once hard, repeat the process. This will give you the maximum burn, with the best fragrance, and will often increase the life of your candle tremendously! Soy candles are not meant to be burned non-stop, for many hours.  Always place container candles on a heat-proof surface to avoid damaging tables, etc. Also, please be sure to read the burning instructions and cautions that come with the candle.