Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch

Reserved Custom Listing No. 9


The Client:          Love & Attraction Conjure Kit (5 Day working)


2 Figural candles - $20

Love & Attraction Oil - $10

Love & attraction Powder - $10

Instructions on how to perform conjure - $25


Miss Sha:             Severance Package

Severance Package is, at its basic level, a severe Unbinding of Two Hearts. 

Two Hearts are baptized with the appropriate oils and then bound together.

A Kukri style machete – that has been rumored to have taken a life - is used to severe the connection between the two hearts - VIOLENTLY. A bit more conjure work is done and then the two pieces are disposed of after a certain specified number of days, at opposite ends of the bayou. By then, the connection is properly withered and dying – the disposal helps put the final nail in the coffin of this relationship.  


Chicken Hearts - $10

Altar Candle - $10

Additional Supplies - $10

Conjurer to perform working for 5 days - $20 a day = $100


Mr. Kelly:            Bend target's will to desire to be with client


Spirit Candle of Domination - $15

Domination Powder - $10

Black Arts oil - $10

Additional supplies - $10

Spirit Worker to perform ceremony for 10 days - $20 a day = $200


What we can guarantee:

Prior to the Specified start date –

Inexplicable things will mail the Love & Attraction Conjure Kit to Client


ON the specified Monday –

·         Miss Sha will begin the work for the Severance Package.  She will take images of the initial working and send them to client.  At the end of the working she will dispose of the remains based on our customs and beliefs and be available to assist client for up to 2 weeks following the working for support and guidance.


M   Mr. Kelly will begin a drumming meditation session to bend the will of target to the desires of client. Images and daily discoveries will be provided for the 10 days of working.  During and at the end of the working he will be available to council client for 2 weeks on the next course of action to insure the best opportunity for her and target’s success.


Please understand that workings of this nature can present certain dangers to the workers. All instructions must be followed exactly as stated.  Insure you provide your worker with all the facts and be truthful in answering all questions and in your statements.  Inexplicable Things guarantees that the activity of the workings listed above will be performed, we however are unable to guarantee any results.


Total Value:    $440 (Plus International Shipping)

Actual Cost to Customer:       $250 + Shipping (approx. $50, Priority International)