Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Red Brick Dust


    Authentic Red Brick Dust –

    In the NOLA Voodoo tradition, and recently being used in several others, this is the ultimate in home protection. Sprinkled in the doorway (under the threshold), in window sills or even around the perimeter of your home, this well-known dust offers a protective shield around you and your property like no other.

    Many of today’s bricks are not true red ochre bricks. They are often dyed concrete. So know who you are purchasing from before you just jump out and buy red brick dust. True red bricks are becoming increasingly harder to find nowadays. The bricks used by Inexplicable Things all come from trusted sources, or are harvested themselves, throughout Louisiana and East Texas.

    Miss Sha’s red bricks are broken into chunks. The chunks are then filed, sifted and milled. The process is repeated until a fine powder is all that remains.

    Red Brick Dust will come in a 1/2oz glass vial with cork.

    Some suggested uses for Red Brick Dust:

    • Sprinkle across the doorway/threshold or windowsills for protection and keep unwanted guests away

    • Sprinkle around you home perimeter to repel negative energies.

    • Mix with your own urine to make both above more powerful.

    • Sprinkle in your wallet or purse to keep money safe.

    • Mix with brown sugar and water to use as a wash for your porch to bring customers to your business.