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  • Reconciliation Work

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    Are you trying to get your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend back after a break up? Most experts of relationships tell us that these types of break ups can be saved. If you truly wish someone to return, you need to make sure that you are not doing foolish things. One, do not lose hope. Stay positive, above all else. Second, do not call, text or email constantly. If you do communicate with them, do not beg, do not seem needy. 

    With all that being said, it's not easy, but it's not impossible, either! 

    Get the hoodoo working for you, with Miss Sha's Reconciliation Conjure! 

    Miss Sha' will take your information and baptize 2 figural candles as you and your missing link. They will be anointed with the proper powerful oils and complementary powders designed to draw someone back into your web. 

    She will provide offerings to the spirits, on your behalf, as well as work the candles over the course of the number of days you chose for the working. Chanting, candle work, and drumming will all help facilitate the working. 

    For this particular working, Miss Sha' will need:

    • A petition, written in your own words, of what you want to happen .
    • Full name(s) of the target.
    • Birth Dates of all involved. 
    • Photos (full face, showing the eyes)
    Once all these items are available, Miss Sha' will schedule a time to begin your work. Workings are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Usually the wait is no longer than a week. Photos of the working will be provided. 

    May this working create a new happy ending to your story!