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  • Reconciliation Kit


    The Art of Mastering Reconciliation - Complete Kit! 

    Reconciliation is probably the number one requested work that we are asking to perform here at Inexplicable Things. It is something that should not be taken lightly. Mastering Reconciliation can be a daunting task – and without proper direction, most folks are destined to repeat the process time and time again.

    Reconciliation is something that most folks want, but they are usually somewhat unwilling to admit that something within the relationship was broken. It had to be, or the relationship wouldn’t have failed. And before another relationship can begin, those things that were broken, must be fixed.

    So, how do you go about fixing them?

    After much study, we have learned that there are approximately 4 steps that need to be followed, in order to attain the possibility of reconciliation. Historically, the strict adherence to these 4 steps has yielded the greatest success.

    We have established a working kit, along with a You Tube video, to help guide you through the process. If you are so set on attempting reconciliation, and understand that the chances of actual reconcile are often slim, then the best thing for us to do is to provide you with the tools that may help create the energies you will need.

    Your complete Reconciliation Kit will include:

    • ·         Road Opener Fixed Conjure Candle – to help open the roads before you, and unlock doors
    • ·         Blessed Happy Home Fixed Conjure Candle – provide harmony and peaceful energies
    • ·         Captain of My Ship Fixed Conjure Candle – to help you take control and become master of your domain
    • ·         Flames of Passion Fixed Conjure Candle – to help bring love and passion
    • ·         Cut & Clear Fixed Conjure Candle – self explanatory
    • ·         Truth Serum – 1/4 oz glass bottle
    • ·         Miss Sha’s Courage Gris Gris

    While you await the arrival of the kit, please review the video. The video can be found here: Mr. Kelly's Mastering Reconciliation Video

    Take notes and begin Step #1.

    * Please note, reconciliation isn't just for romantic relationships - this can work for co-workers, estranged family members, business partners, etc.