Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch

Re-Versing Conjure Powder


Re-Versing Conjure Oil 
Devil's Shoestrings is just one of the herbs we use in our recipe for reversing powder. This powder will easily send anything nasty back to the person that sent it. Send that shade back where it came from - and fast! Tricks, jinxes, hexes – throw it back - give them a taste of their own medicine! It's our version of Stop Gossip

Perfect for slander, gossip, harmful words from someone you care about - this is an old school recipe that is known for it's power to protect and shield you from any type of attack and immediately send it back where it came from. 

1/2oz glass tubes with a tight-fitting cork. 

Settling is a natural occurrence. 

The powders are already quite well-blended, but you may want to shake them around a bit.