Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Psychic Reinforcements Conjure Oil


    Psychic Reinforcements Conjure Oil:  

    This is a brand new oil recipe that we have had several requests for in the recent past. 

    Our special blend is designed to foster the psychic communication link with spirits when doing any type of medium work, spiritual connection work, or necromancy. 

    The special recipe starts with a very successful communication oil, to which we have added numerous herbs to help solidify the link and make it easier for you to keep that open mind and connection. 

    The feedback we have received indicates this oil helps make the voices stronger, more easily heard - and helps you wade through the signs to pick the specifics that you are seeking. In our field tests, it was reported to help in study sessions and cramming for exams - knowledge retention - as well as to bring about clarity during meditation. 

    This oil would work quite well with an orange or yellow candle for open communication, road opening and reading retention. It's also great for any candle used for meditation or medium work. 


    Oil comes in 1/2 oz - glass bottle.