Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Protection Candle - Spirit of Gumbeaux


    Protective Candle – Spirit of Gumbeaux

    Let me tell you a little story, cher – about the Spirit of Gumbeaux.

    Combining the energies of Mr. Kelly and Miss Sha’, as well as the 7100 members of our Swamp social network group, a malevolent spirit was manifested. He was given the appearance of a fat, overfed Louisiana gator that we affectionately call, Gumbeaux.

    Originally, he was just something of humor, that our Tribe could talk about and we sometimes sent him after those folks that crossed us (by violating the rules of our group).

    But over time, something happened . . .

    Now, Gumbeaux knocks at our door and asks to be fed. He has grown accustomed the taste of the human spirit, and now, he will eat nothing else.

    So, if you need protection against an enemy, or something that could have been sent by someone, Gumbeaux is the new spirit to call upon. He is there to help all of you.


    The candle itself is a small figural, approximately 3.5” tall by 2” wide at his hindquarters. Sitting, smiling, waiting! Miss Sha’ has chosen a fragrance dear to her, that she calls All Souls Day. (Believe me, it smells A-MAZE-ING!)  She has also incorporated two small stones inside each Gumbeaux. They are both for protection, as well amplification. Each Gumbeaux will likely burn for approximately 5 hours – give or take, and when burned properly. They come to you Swamp Witch loaded, charged and blessed! <3 


    So when you need to up your level of protection – get yourself a Gumbeaux! Just light him and let him do his thing!  Or keep him as an altar piece! Keep one on your desk! He’s powerful protection, baby!