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  • Prosperity Vessel Spell

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    Prosperity Vessel Spell
    Miss Sha' uses a time-tested prosperity technique with a pumpkin, gourd, or tropical fruit as a vessel. Gourds and such fruits are used extensively in old style conjure as a great way to manifest desires.

    Miss Sha’ calls upon Ochun, the Yoruba Goddess of love, money and sweetness, for this working. The ritual helps bring about wealth, good luck, and abundance – using simple things like honey, holy water, pennies and photographs.


    Miss Sha’ will hollow out the vessel (planting the seeds for next year’s harvest if a pumpkin or gourd) – she will use any personal information that you have provided, along with photos, to ensure the petition is done properly. Honey, holy water, sweet wines or liquors – are added. Proper herbs and curios are added, as well. Attraction herbs and oils are next. Then the pennies and coins, the actual petition and a prayer. The top is replaced and worked for a specific number of days. Eventually, the vessel is tossed into a river or bayou – and Ochun is ready to work her magick in your life.


    Please email Miss Sha' with any questions you may have.