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  • Prosperity Vessel Spell

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    Prosperity Vessel Spell
    Miss Sha' uses a time-tested prosperity technique with a pumpkin, gourd, or tropical fruit as a vessel. Gourds and such fruits are used extensively in old style conjure as a great way to help manifest desires.

    Miss Sha’ calls upon Ochun, the Yoruba Goddess of love, money and sweetness, for this working. The ritual helps bring about wealth, good luck, and abundance – using simple things like honey, rum, holy water, pennies and shredded cash, photographs, herbs.


    Miss Sha’ will hollow out the vessel (planting the seeds for next year’s harvest if a pumpkin or gourd) – she will use any personal information that you have provided, along with photos, to ensure the petition is done properly. Honey, holy water, sweet wines or liquors – are added. Proper herbs and curios are added, as well. Attraction herbs and oils are next. Then the pennies and coins, the actual petition and a prayer. The top is replaced and worked for a specific number of days. Eventually, the vessel is tossed into a river or bayou – and Ochun is ready to work her magick in your life.

    These workings are for needs, rather than wants. Prosperity can come in many forms - not simply financial. So please be mindful of what you are asking/seeking. This work is also not overnight - it will start slow.  Perhaps you win a few bucks on a scratch ticket or find a $20 in a coat pocket.  Sometimes, customers report that a good Samaritan paid for a tank of fuel, or they got a great discount at the restaurant.  These are small, but prosperity nonetheless.  Once you see these little things for what they are, and give thanks for the spirits (no matter how small you believe them to be), spirit will bring you more.   I have had clients stumbled upon an extra paycheck, find a much needed construction tool on the side of the road, and even win a small class action law suit that they didn't realize they were involved with.  This work will NOT help you win the lottery (magick does not work that way) - it always will not bring you $500k to pay off a mortgage when you are not willing to pick up extra shifts at work.  You MUST have a way for spirit to help you - this means if you aren't willing to work a little extra, how is spirit going to bring you anything?  

    Miss Sha' will need the following to get started  :

    • a photo of the person the work is for

    • Full name and date of birth

    • a petition/prayer of what this work will do for them

      • Miss Sha’ does most workings on Saturdays. Your working will be completed within 2-3 weeks (on a Saturday), depending upon how busy she is. She also needs the above necessary information no later than NOON on Wednesday, if she it to try and fit your working in on the following Saturday. No Exceptions. 

    Please email Miss Sha' with any questions you may have.