Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Prosperity Candle - Boudreaux Bullfrog


    Prosperity Candle – Boudreaux Bullfrog

    Ya’ll already know the story about Gumbeaux, and how he was conjured out of imagination, necessity and love from Mr. Kelly, Miss Sha’, and the collective energy of nearly 7100 members of The Swamp Facebook group.

    So now, let me tell you a little story, cher, the story of Boudreaux Bullfrog.

    Boudreaux is Gumbeaux’s distant cousin and he specializes in bringing you prosperity, when you need it most! He, too, was conjured and born from the very same things that created Gumbeaux, including The Swamp FB Group and their energies!

    So, since he is born of the same energy, it seems obvious that he, too, will work for folks – when he is placed upon their altars, or burned to bring about prosperity!  

    The candle itself is a small figural, approximately 3.5” tall by about 3.5” wide at his lillypad. He sits, he smiles, he waits – until you need him.  Miss Sha’ has chosen a wonderful, yet very light fragrance that is reminiscent of mojitos! Yum! Each Boudreaux will likely burn for approximately 9 hours – give or take, and when burned properly. They come to you Swamp Witch loaded, charged and blessed! 

    So when upping your game and getting down to some serious prosperity drawing, get yourself a Boudreaux! Just light him and let him do his thing!  Or keep him as an altar piece! Keep one on your desk, one in your home, give him as a gift! He will keep prosperity flowing!