Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Candle - Penis


    Penis Conjure Candles -

    These are the perfect addition to any conjure work where you need to control a man through his sexuality or sexual performance. It's pretty old school conjure work to impair a man's ability to perform through the use of such candles. You can use such candles to tie up his nature so they are unable to perform, or can only perform when YOU want them to. You can easily cause pain and discomfort. You can burn it to the ground, if you like, or you can just keep it around to stick pins in!  Certain colors are great for passionate workings, reconciling a bad relationship, even healing.

    These candles can also be used for cursing rapists and sexual predators, as well.  

    Candles are roughly 5" tall and 2" wide at the base.  

    (Please know - these are a wee bit smaller than the penis candles I used to make - but these are amazing!)

    For ideas on how to use such candles - feel free to contact us for spells and conjure work. 

    These candles come in a variety of colors (your choice) - although black and red are the most popular. 

    Miss Sha' will also load and fix the candle - with herbs appropriate to help you achieve your desired outcome. 

    Inexplicable Things offers Sexuality Candles, in both male and female options. 

    For Female Coochie candles, click HERE. 

    We offer the following colors: 

    • Black: Cursing (for cheaters that you do NOT want back in your life), Break-ups, Causing Confusion, Jinxing
    • Red: Sex, Lust, Vitality, Seduction/Attraction, Passionate Retribution (for cheaters that you eventually want back)
    • White: Healing, Spiritual Cleansing
    • Green: New Beginnings, Fertility, Growth
    • Purple: Personal Power, Dominance Over Others, Control Over Others
    • Blue: Relationship Reconciliation, Peaceful Home, Summoning]
    • Pink: Sweet Love, some types of Healing, Romance, Friendship, 

     Other colors available by request -