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  • Palo Santo Sticks - Large

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    Palo Santo Smudge Sticks - Large

    Nearly anyone that conjures knows the smell of Palo Santo, or Holy Wood. It's sweet-smelling fragrance is perfect for cleansing and healing ceremonies, but it can also be used for meditations. 

    The healing benefits of this amazing wood are lengthy. Traditionally, it has been used for relieving the common cold, as well as flu symptoms. It can help alleviate stress, fatigue, headaches, asthma, anxiety, depression and emotional pain. It is also widely believed to calm the immune and nervous systems - which aid in quicker illness recovery. 

    Used like sage, the sticks can be lit and then blown out - leaving the wood to smolder. 

    This particular wood is from a trusted family friend that lives in Venezuela. They actually are able to wild-craft the wood, and not kill the trees - so this wood is from a sustainable source! My supply is slightly limited, as I can only get it every few months. We separate it into packs of two or three pieces - all roughly uniform in size and weight. 

    Each pack will contain either 2 or 3 pieces of wood - approximately 4 or 5" in length. They are all nice, fat pieces that should burn/smolder for quite some time.