Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Ouija Planchette

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    Technology from the 19th century séance, anyone?

    Have you watched too many horror movies to even consider this little gem... or are you brave enough?!

    We also offer an enchantment option. Miss Sha' will painstakingly enchant this amazing piece of jewelry, created by Alchemy of England. Care to have a spirit attachment to help you commune with the dead? She will also provide instructions for how to use this little gem for future necromantic purposes. 

    Approximate Dimensions: Height: 2.52" x Width: 1.26" x Depth:0.39"

    Chain Length: 21” Chain Black

    Materials: Fine English Pewter, Realistic Taxidermal Eye

    Brand: Alchemy of England 1977 (amazing, high quality pieces)

    *Please give us 5-7 business days to get this little guy enchanted for you. Email Miss Sha' with any specific enchantment requests!*