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  • Open Your Damn Eyes - Truth Spell

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    Open Your Damn Eyes - Truth Spell - 

    Need someone to open they damn eyes and see what is really going on?  

    To see what a mess they have made, or what they are about to lose?

    Miss Sha' will baptize a little voodoo doll necklace as your target - then will work the doll for several days. The doll will then be placed inside a vessel filled with mirrors and reflective surfaces for several days. Prayers will then be placed upon the vessel. 

    For this work, Miss Sha' will need the following:

    • A fairly recent photo of the target, showing the eyes
    • Target's full name and date of birth
    • Petition: Your own words - and please be realistic!  What does the target need to see? Why do they need their eyes opened?  Keep it short, sweet, realistic and to the point.
    • Please email this to: