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  • Open Your Damn Eyes - Truth Spell

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    Open Your Damn Eyes - Truth Spell - 

    Need someone to open they damn eyes and see what is really going on?  

    To see what a mess they have made, or what they are about to lose?

    Miss Sha' will baptize a little voodoo doll necklace as your target - then will work the doll for several days. The doll will then be placed inside a vessel filled with mirrors and reflective surfaces for several days. Prayers will then be placed upon the vessel. 

    There is an option for Miss Sha' to do some extra candle work during this time. Many folks combine this work with Truth Candle, a Commitment Candle, or even a Justice Candle. You can even open the targets roads once this work is complete.  This is only an option, you do not have to choose to add candle work.  

    For this work, Miss Sha' will need the following:

    • A fairly recent photo of the target, showing the eyes

    • Target's full name and date of birth

    • Petition: Your own words - and please be realistic!  What does the target need to see? Why do they need their eyes opened?  Keep it short, sweet, realistic and to the point.

    • Please email this to:
    • Miss Sha’ does most workings on Saturdays. Your working will be completed within 2-3 weeks (on a Saturday) depending upon how busy she is.  She also needs the necessary information no later than noon on Wednesday, if she is to try to fit it in the following Saturday.